Charged UP! Out of nowhere, Drizzy hits us with a track that was created back in 2009! “You Know, You Know” was a track that never officially made Drake’s 2010 album Thank Me Later, But it was still well known from leaked audio of it. Today, Drake officially released the track on his youtube channel.

The track is produced by Kanye West, and it isn’t the first great track we’ve heard drake drop from the production of Kanye. “Find Your Love” was also a Yeezy produced track, that song however, did make it on to Thank Me Later and exploded on the charts. In the song itself, Drake brings us some well delivered bars, while Kanye brings us an electric beat with a soulful sample.

The beat however isn’t too complicated and doesn’t have too many things going on in it. This is a nice refresher of how Drake was when he was an up-and-comer in the rap game. His old tendencies were to deliver fast-paced bars and make sure that his voice was the main thing people heard so they could focus more on what he was saying as opposed to the production. This will go over well with many Drake critics. Much of his criticism comes from how much Drake sings on tracks he’s on, when he has proved time and time again that he is an excellent rapper when he so chooses. This song delivers with excellent delivery and flow.

Dizzy has come a long way, he wasn’t always been the 6 God singing-rapper, at one point he was actually struggling to be taken seriously as a Hip-Hop artist! This was of course due to his acting career. Regardless, it’s a nice track to go back and listen to. Check this song below, and see what you think, and stay tuned for more updates on the 6 God.

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