These Are The Funniest Drake Pouring Memes From The Raptors Game

drake pouring

Drake pouring a mixed drink nearly broke the Internet.

Last night, Drake was seen court side at the Toronto Raptors game where they faced off against the Hornets. In a sweet 113-126 dub over Charlotte, Drake was there to enjoy it all.

That didn’t stop the Raptors camera men from having some fun, zooming in on the rap star as he watched the Raptors win. However, one camera man caught Drake in the act of pouring what looks to be a mixed drink, and Drake acted hilariously suspicious.

It didn’t take long for memes to pop up, and hilarious Twitter captions to follow. With that, check out all of the funniest memes we could find on Twitter for the Drake pouring a mixed drink sitch, and stay tuned as we wait for new Drizzy content.