Drake’s mystery boo has been revealed, and the real Kiki might just be riding.

Drake is fresh off his heavily circulating album Scorpion, and his single “In My Feelings” has taken the summer by storm. In the track, Drizzy references a new girl in his life, asking her if she loves him and if she’s riding with him.

Fans have since been speculating just who “Kiki” was, originally outbreaking that it was Canadian singer Keisha Chante. Drake dated Chante when he was a teen, but this rumor looks to be false.

The real Kiki looks be revealed as K’yanna Barber, a woman from the Oakland area. She not only made a track reference in her IG, but also was seen with Drake at a Hollywood venue. Her Instagram contains the official name “KB”, which Drizzy also calls her in the track. One of her friends took a clip of herself, KB, and Drake all dancing in the club which has since been deleted, but you can peep it below.

Complex is also reporting that the group was spotted, stating that Barber pulled up with Drake and his father Dennis Graham.  The real question is, is Kiki riding? Check out Kiki aka KB below, more on this as we get information.


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