*DANGIT* DrakeAndRihanna.com Is FAKE (Shocker huh?)



Yes, i know i know. Well maybe all of you don’t. A domain popped up that has a timer that is set to end September 8th at 9 p.m. That strange domain that popped up after the VMA’s…. DrakeAndRihanna.com…. well its a fake. I KNOW, we were all wishing for some new material but it looks as if the domain isn’t condoned by either of the two artists.

As much as we want some new material from the supposed couple, we’re just going to have to wait (but i doubt we’ll be waiting very long).

A source close to The Fader was luckily in touch with Rihanna and she said this:

But a source close to Rihanna told The FADER on Tuesday that it’s a “fake site” and it has “nothing to do with her/him.”

BUMMER right? Oh well, I’m 100% sure we will see some content from both artists (preferably together) very soon. Until then, let’s see what really happens when that timer drops and stay tuned to stay updated on both of the artists.

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