E-Prosunds Puzzle Textbook

E-Prosounds Presents “Puzzle Textbook”

New York up-and-comer E-Prosounds delivers a new theme for real hip-hop fans. With his grim delivery and hard hitting bars, this new project is quite a follow-up to last year’s Joke Rogan EP. Get familiar with this young MC, because his talent will be showcased very soon.

This new album Puzzle Textbook has 90’s inspired instrumentals and is filled with complicated rhymes that make the listener think about different aspects of life. The lyrical capabilities of E-Prosounds is what really separates him from other MC’s. The way he articulates his rhymes to portray imagery on this project is quite impressive. His flow over the the great sounding production sounds very MF DOOM inspired. It’s a very fun listen. Check it out below!

Puzzle Textbook’s theme is about examining different aspects of our postmodern world and highlighting the positive and negatives while also shining a light on the prospects of new beginnings and reincarnations.”—E-


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