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After not seeing him for a while since his I Don’t Like Sh*t I Don’t Go Outside¬†album of 2015, Earl Sweatshirt is back with a few nice singles today.

Earl dropped 3 new singles: WIND IN MY SAILS, bary, and SKRT SKRT. Earl samples Kanye West on his slow instrumental bary.

These singles are quite soft and shows another new style to Earl’s flow. We know Earl to have that dark flow which made him so popular on his previous album, and a hard hitting album like Doris showed us his rap style with some great features.

Earl’s new flow consists of repeating slow beats that loop to suit Earl’s new styled singing which shows us his slower flow on top of these smooth beats.

We hope to see Earl drop another album later this year, and we expect this kind of flow on his next album.

Stream Earl Sweatshirt’s 3 new singles here: