Eminem Drops New Music Video For “River” Ft. Ed Sheeran


Check Out Eminem’s “River” Music Video

Eminem has had a hectic last couple months to say the least. With the release of his 9th studio album REVIVALĀ back in December, the Detroit Hip-Hop legend has seen many mixed reviews on the substance of the music he’s making. However, one of his more popular tracks from the album, “River” featuring Ed Sheeran, has gone over exceedingly well with audiences. Today, we get a new music video for the track along with an “unhappy Valentines Day” message from Marshall.

The video gives the song more of a proper context. The video starts off with Eminem and Ed Sheeran talking about what love means to them. We then see the love triangle described in the song in full effect between Eminem, his girlfriend, and her husband. The drama starts to unfold when the girlfriend lets Marshall know that she’s pregnant. Check out the rest of the video to see what happens.

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