Eminem Untouchable

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Eminem Gets Political In New Track

Shady season is in full swing. Along with releasing the cover art today, Eminem is back with another track from his upcoming album REVIVAL. Today, the new track is titled “Untouchable.”

In this new track shady gets extra political similarly to how he rapped in his BET cypher. He talks about how African-Americans are treated poorly in the United States. At one point in the song, he even says how its embarrassing for him to be white. The chorus mocks white people for being “untouchable.” He also goes into details about current issues with segregation in everything from homes, education and crime rates. The production initially is hard-hitting with guitars and then it switches up twice. This track is meant for the message, but fans will also enjoy it for the sound.

Check out this new track by Slim Shady, and come back Dec. 15th to check out Eminem’s new album REVIVAL.

Eminem Untouchable
Eminem Revival Cover Art