Eminem walk on water stream

New Eminem Music Is Finally Here

After waiting four long years, we finally have a brand new Eminem single. Today, Eminem gives us a new track titled “Walk On Water” featuring Beyonce. This track is the first single off of his upcoming album REVIVAL.

This track will take fans and critics completely by surprise. In this new song we hear Eminem not critiquing others like we’ve grown so accustomed to, but him critiquing himself. We hear his struggle as he shows us what it’s like to have such high expectations for everything he does. Beyonce delivers a beautiful chorus while an elegant piano loops. Slim Shady has taken a tremendous amount of criticism from fans, critics, and other artists in recent years. This track reminds us that even though he is a legend, he is a human.

Check out this awesome track and see what you think. Stay tuned for Eminem’s upcoming album REVIVAL.