Eric Bellinger – “Black Beatles” (Remix) [New Song]


Stream Eric Bellingers spin on Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” track.

The popular mainstream track “Black Beatles” from the young duo Rae Sremmurd, has had it’s fame, some say it’s getting old now. Taken over by the #MannequinChallenge this song can get stuck in your head easily.

This also leaves room for other artists to put their spin on the catchy track. The other day Nicki Minaj dropped off her spin of the song naming her’s “Black Barbies.” Here to share his turn R&B crooner Eric Bellinger adds his new remix to song. Body-ing the hard trap song, Bellinger adds his smooth sexy R&B voice over an acoustic mix of the beat.

In a bright vibrant video, Bellinger sings the mix atop of a California valley during a sunset. Also a nice music video to watch while listening to the smooth track. Adding his own verse to the end, this track is definitely a listen.