Something every Hip-Hop fan dreams about… Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole coming together to make an album.

So how realistic is this? Very.

So back in November, TDE and Dreamville came together to put out the Black Friday Tracks.

Seeing these two record labels come together was truly electrifying, but the people want more, and also to see Kendrick and J.Cole on the same track.

Now there has been buzz around these two artists dropping a collab album for a while, but it could be here sooner than we think.

The evidence is right in the black Friday tracks, a popular theory is that the two artists’ versus are connected.

In J.Cole’s version of “Alright” he says the following:

“When you and K. Dot s**t drop?”
B***h never, they can’t handle two Black ni**as this clever
But this February, bet s**t get scary when I f**k around and drop…
(Censor Tone)”

In Kendrick’s version of “A Tale Of 2 Citiez” he releases elaborate bars with persistent delivery, but the last words he says are:

“Burnin’ my leather-
(Nah I’m just f***in’ wit cha)

Could “Burnin’ my leather” be the censor tone in Cole’s verse? Could this be an album title? and if it is we should expect it in February..

Stay Tuned For More Updates!