Wrong venue, buddy.

In any case, regardless of status, it would seem that general moral would entail never disrespecting the dead. Welp, for one entitled individual, it looks like that virtue was just thrown out the window, even in front of XXXTentacion’s biggest influencers and friends.

At a recent Ski Mask The Slump God show, a person attending the venue decided to shout out “F*ck X that women beating h*e” during a pause, where he essentially got what was coming to him.

The videos are actually hilariously satisfying. Granted, violence shouldn’t be condoned in any matter, but shouting such a thing at a Ski Mask show doesn’t seem the place to do so. The original beatdown video has since been taken down, but directly after he shouted this, he was attacked.

There’s still a video floating around of the said person being punched in the parking lot, and a Redditor by the username thebrando28 claimed to be at the venue, stating “Was there tonight and it was crazy. Homeboy was on a stretcher being put in an ambulance when I left the show”. Ski then had some words, taking to Twitter to make sure his fans understood the incident. Peep the videos below. #RIPX