Stream For My Fans 3: The Final Chapter by Fetty Wap above.

Fetty Wap’s massive success in the past two years arose from the fact that he was dropping straight mainstream hits, and became a powerhouse name in the industry. Sure, there has been speculation of Fetty’s fall as an artist, but his come back may be stronger than his rise, and the music speaks for itself.

Today he drops the third installment of his For My Fans series, which he plans to give back to his loyal fanbase who has been with him from the start. The fans have been awaiting the drop of his forthcoming album, King Zoo, but the campaign has yet to kickoff.

The delay isn’t stopping Fetty from dropping content, and his fluent releases are still raking in plays. His 12 track project consists of straight heaters, and brings on features from Monty, Duke, M80, and Sean Garrett. Stream the full length mixtape above, and stay tuned as we await more content in 2018 from Fetty Wap.

for my fans 3
Fetty Wap – For My Fans 3: The Final Chapter