Looks like Floyd Mayweather is full support of this fight.

Taking to Instagram, Floyd Mayweather says him and his boxing promoting company will host the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown boxing match.

In case you didn’t know, the Soulja vs. Brown beef has been spreading like wildfire all over social medias the past few days. Originally sparing over the Internet, the two emcee’s are looking to duke it out in a good old fashion boxing match.

Encouraged by Soulja’s lifetime friend 50 Cent, 50 proposed that professional boxer Floyd Mayweather and his promoting company host the fight. Posting on Instagram Mayweather posted a pic of the two rapper’s and under them were the words “Chris Brown Soulja Boy Celeberety Boxing.” Laced with 3 rounds this match might actually be held live on pay-per-view.

Along with the announcement Soulja posted to Twitter that Mayweather would also train him for the fight coming soon. Will this spare happen? who knows but this is the most exciting rapper beef to happen since Nas & Jay Z. Check out the posts below and let us know your thoughts in the comments, who do you got your money on?

Image Via Instagram