fluent heartbreak aaron

Stream Heartbreak Aaron (Vol. 2) from Fluent.

Keeping it real to not only himself but his fans, L.A.-based emcee/vocalist Fluent is here with a high energy 6-track EP. Tapping on subjects of love, trust, and relationship-based emotions, Fluent gives his all through the short project. We’re met with his best sides, his ups and downs, and its all packaged with good vibes across the board.

I would like every listener, every supporter, and every fan to feel the energy of this EP. I would also like them to learn to be ok with being real with yourself. And also catch a wave to a few bops on the journey of this new record.

As he showcases talent and the acquisition of evolution as an artist, Fluent is clearly here to stay with a clear cut approach to his music. Let’s only expect the best from him in the coming future. Take a listen to his newest EP above on Spotify, or below on your favorite streaming platform.