Frank Ocean has been MIA for some time now, four years as a matter of fact, and saying fans are eager for new material is an understatement. Specifically, fans have been on pins and needles for his highly anticipated 2016 studio album release. Rumors have been being spread immensely amongst the internet about supposed release dates for the studio album. However, late August 18th Frank blessed his fans with a new visual album titled Endless.

The visual album is a black and white 45 minute video that shows Ocean working in the artist’s studio that he showed us in a live-stream earlier this month. This beautiful video isn’t however the final studio album fans have been waiting four years for. Endless, is considered by Apple Music to be its very own project and that Frank has a separate album being set to be released.


The Tracks on the album go as follows:

1. “Device Control” (written by Wolfgang Tillmans)
2. “At Your Best (You Are Love)” (The Isley Brothers Cover)
3. “Alabama”
4. “Mine”
5. “U-N-I-T-Y”
6. “Ambience 001: ‘In a Certain Way’”
7. “Commes Des Garcons”
8. “Ambience 002: ‘Honeybaby’”
9. “Wither”
10. “Hublots”
11. “In Here Somewhere”
12. “Slide on Me”
13. “Sideways”
14. “Florida”
15. “Deathwish (ASR)”
16. “Rushes”
17. “Rushes To”
18. “Higgs”

You can check the album out exclusively through Apple Music. This is a very intriguing listen, and it is quite exciting knowing that we aren’t done with the new material from Frank Ocean. Stay tuned for more updates as to the full audio release of Frank’s new album.