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Funkmaster Flex bashes Drake for Instagram Picture

Drake Jennifer Lopez

Image Via Instagram

Funkmaster Flex, who is the radio personality of Hot 97, has been bashing Drake for an Instagram picture. The picture is of Drizzy and Jennifer Lopez getting a little intimate. Flex took to Instagram to initially to congratulate Drake on the “Major win” by saying:

“Fellas let’s take time out to recognize that this is a major win right here!!! So super clean!!!!!! #Jlo top 5 at any age!!!! ( We don’t hate… as you Weirdos and Super Stans would like to think ) I just call it at I see it!!!!!!”

However, Flex then took to twitter later in the day with various tweets bashing Drizzy:

What these tweets are referring to is Drake’s former beef with Puff Daddy. Years ago, during the peak of the beef, Drake and Puff got into a scrap at a club. Funk Flex continued to bash Drake on twitter suggesting that he “waited until the anniversary” that Puff and JLo got arrested to post the picture.