The Old-Head vs. Mumble Rap stigma is ongoing, but slowly dying.

Funkmaster Flex, DJ and hip hop personnel, has had ongoing beef with Lil Yachty. The case? Yachty is a mumble rapper who is uneducated on the golden era of hip hop.

Much of the youth are the same, unable to “respect” the older generation that much of the old-heads grew up with. This has sparked a lot of beef in this aspect, especially when Funk Flex spoke out against mumble rappers.

Today, however, the Yachty-Flex beef has seemed to come to an end in retrospect. Yachty posted a video with his new flow addressing the matter, talking in a very awkward accent. Funk Flex then took to Instagram and Facebook, practically ending the beef in widespread. Check out Funk’s post below, ending the Lil Yachty beef.

Featured Image Via Instagram