G-Eazy – “Everything’s Strange Here” [ALBUM STREAM]


Stream Everything’s Strange Here from G-Eazy.

With his sixth studio album underway, the title of G-Eazy’s newest effort is quite fitting for what we’re getting in terms of content. He takes a step back from his signature sound and takes a step outside of his comfort zone. G provides some pop-punk-rap vibes on this one, a unique take on modern subgenres.

He’s bringing his own style on this one, with experimentation written across the 10 fresh tracks. We got a sneak peek into this newly evolved sound on “Free Porn Cheap Drugs”, which makes the cut on this one. What are you thinking about this new sound? Take a listen above on Spotify, or below on Apple Music, Tidal, and more. Also check the “Had Enough” music video below.

g eazy everythings strange here
G-Eazy – Everything’s Strange Here