In 2014, Kendrick Lamar debuted a short video on the big screen for GKMC at the NEXT festival in Los Angeles (per Complex Music).

The video starts off with the classic Kendrick track m.A.A.d city, then fades into a couple snippets of what looks to be short clips of Kendrick’s childhood.

The video then fades into the second part of The Art Of Peer Pressure then into Poetic Justice.

After these songs it goes into a dope remix-type version of Backseat Freestyle. The ending song is Sing About Me, Im Dying Of Thirst and plays for the remaining 6 minutes of the video.

Throughout the video, there are sound clips from the extra skits at the end of most of the songs in GKMC.  Also, the video is composed of people around Compton to show the diversity of the city.  Compton is also captured as a whole throughout the video.

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Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city”