Gucci fans, he has a new project on the way.

If Gucci didn’t have enough for y’all in 2017, he’s got more in store. He literally just released El Gato The Human Glacier last week, and he’s already taking to his social medias to hype up his next album.

We also got Mr. Davis only a few months back, which has still been in frequent rotation for Gucci fans. His announcement came on Twitter earlier today, stating his next solo album’s name will be The Evil Genius. Peep the Tweet below.

There isn’t any more details, but we can plan on an early 2018 release. His sporadic yet frequent content drops have the fans engaged, and the trapper has been making all of the right moves since being released from prison in 2016. Get ready for Gucci Mane’s newest solo album soon, and stay tuned as we get more details on the project.

Featured Image Via Twitter