Hopsin Drops Shocking News In “ill Mind of Hopsin 8”


Yesterday, Hopsin dropped his 8th addition of the “Ill Mind” series. With each one displaying rancid rants and his vulgar thoughts, they keep getting better.

Hopsin drops a bomb on us by leaving FunkVolume, and tells us all about his Co-manager Damian Ritter.

In this song/video, it takes place in a courtroom, where Hopsin is on the stand, telling his side of the story. Hopsin talks about how bad of a manager Damian was. Hopsin claims that Ritter took higher percentages so he could get the benefits from all of FunkVolume’s Music.

“Tell me why you would destroy FV?
This was a fucking vision that I had created with your brother
 But you too infatuated with the money
 You killed it and ran it straight into the gutter”

It’ll be interesting to see how Hopsin does as a solo artist.