J.Cole Drops New Music Video – “ATM”


J.Cole Shares Visuals For “ATM”

Today, J.Cole shared with us his brand new album KOD. Also today, he delivers a new music video for one of the more favored tracks on the album “ATM.” Check out the visuals above.

This new music video is an extremely powerful one that sheds much more light on the track. In the video, we see Cole in many different forms. At the beginning we see him as a king with a leash around multiple kids who are all high on different types of drugs. This is most likely a metaphor for a rapper’s influence on today’s youth and how kids will idolize those who portray negative influences. We then see Cole as a rapper who is only focused on making money. He eventually goes broke from his greed and need for material objects. There are a great deal of metaphors in this music video that are mocking today’s Hip-Hop and the way kids glorify these artists. As deep as the video is, it is mostly satirical. However, this is a very important lesson that Cole is attempting to embed into Hip-Hop culture.

Check out this new video for the track “ATM” and see what you think, and if you haven’t heard the whole album check it out here.