J. Cole Drops Trailer For Upcoming Album “KOD”


Watch The Trailer For J.Cole’s Album KOD

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you should know that Cole season is in full affect. With just hours until his newest album KOD is released, J.Cole decided to give fans a little more background about what the album is all about in the form of a trailer. Check it out above.

In the trailer, we hear Cole talking in a deep-edited voice about how drugs are the focal point in many peoples’ lives. He talks about all kinds of addiction whether it be to one’s phone, drugs, or alcohol. He also gives more explanation for the multiple titles of the album which are: “Kids On Drugs,” “King Overdosed,” and “Killing Our Demons.” He briefly alludes to each of the titles being parts of the album.

Many fans have been wondering about the KiLL Edward feature on Cole’s upcoming album. It is pretty much concluded that this artist is J.Cole under an alias. Could this deep voice that’s talking in the trailer be this KiLL Edward character? There is no telling for sure but it is still interesting. Come back at midnight to check out Cole’s latest album KOD.

J.Cole – “KOD”