WATCH: Jacquees “New Wave” Music Video


Jacquees drops visuals for his song “New Wave” from his “Mood” mixtape.

Jacquees is back and he’s back with straight fire.  He just released another video from his Mood mixtape.  These new visuals are for his song “New Wave.”

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In the beginning of the music video, Jacquees is chilling with his boys on the street at night.  A beautiful woman walks by and she happens to catch Jacquees’s eye.  He then continues to follow her down the street and sing about her beauty.  He then does what he does best and sings like he always does.  Some people could argue that Jacquees has one of the best voices in the r’n’b industry.

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At the end of the music video, Jacquees gets exactly what he wanted.  The woman gives into Jacquees’ smooth voice and thoughtful lyrics and stays with him.  You can watch the New Wave music video above.

New Wave

Image via Twitter