Jban$2Turnt – “Magical Proof” Ft. Lil Yachty & Quavo

Magical Poof

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Jban$2Turnt has been off the grid for a good part of this year. This up and coming rapper who saw some decent success at the end of last year hasn’t been as active this year. However, today he comes through with a new single featuring Lil Yachty and Quavo titled “Magical Proof.”

In this new cut from Jban$ we get a decent amount of bars from each artist featured. However, this track is doused with an overuse of auto-tune. The production on this track is definitely one of the few strong suits this song has to offer. The beat consists of a very feel-good cartoonish vibe for each rapper to flow over. Yachty comes through with the most charisma on this track, easily delivering the best verse on the cut. The song sounds almost unfinished as the mixing of vocals for all three artists sounds completely different and it abruptly ends with no outro.

Check out this new track and see what you think. Stay tuned for any updates on these artists.