We talked to Jersey Champs LLC owner Sean Kelly on how he is changing hip hop with custom rap jerseys.

I recently spoke with Jersey Champs LLC owner Sean Kelly on his success in his business, and how his rap jerseys are impacting the hip hop game. Peep the interview below:

Why and when did you start your business

Jersey Champs was started in May of 2016. I wanted to revolutionize the way jerseys were worn. Up until now, the only jerseys you could buy were jerseys that are issued by professional sports teams. I wanted to connect the hip hop world with the jersey world and bring awesome designs of your favorite rappers and hip hop artists to life on real jerseys. Also, I thought the prices of jerseys was absolutely ridiculous and I wanted to target college students and young adults, so I made sure to make my prices extremely affordable from day 1. I never charge more than $60 for a jersey.

How did hip hop play into your startup?

Hip Hop played a major role into my startup. Many of our designs are based off of hip hop artists like Drake, Lil Yachty, Kendrick and many others.

How much of your fanbase are hip hop fans

We have a large hip hop fan base and a large sports fan base. I’d say most of our following likes both as we are the only brand that brings the two together right now.

What artists you’ve worked with/ made jerseys for & what this means for your business

We have worked with a bunch of hip-hop artists, but some of the big names we have made jerseys for are Logic, Casey Veggies, 21 Savage, Wale, Young Thug & Ab-Soul.
You can see the full list here

How jerseys will change the clothing game in hip hop

As said before, Jersey Champs wants to revolutionize the way jerseys are worn and presented. No longer will you only be able to wear jerseys of your favorite sports team, now you can represent your favorite hip hop artist or rapper.
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