Joe Budden And DJ Akademiks Respond To Migos’ “Ice Tray” Video Cast


Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks respond to the “Ice Tray” music video casting from Migos.

If you haven’t already seen this story unfold, you should check out this article. It all started with a tense interview, a baby face Akademiks, and a mic drop. Now, its turned into a full blown beef, but in this newest Everyday Struggle interview, it really may not be beef.

Migos dissed Joe Budden in their “Ice Tray” track off of their latest project Control The Streets Vol. 1. They then dropped the official cover art for the single, which features a look-alike Joe Budden on the cover.

The rap trio then announced that they were shooting a music video for the track, and searched for Akademiks, Budden, and Nadeska look-alikes. Its official now, as Karen Civil leaked the on-set picture of the cast:

The three respond to the casting, with a soft-hearted response to the casting. Budden even went so far to say that he would been in the cast for the video, and Akademiks said he applied for the casting job but didn’t get it. They then talked on the actual beef, stating they really didn’t feel like it was beef anymore as they are promoting their track through Budden and Akademiks, in turn publicizing the two Everyday Struggle hosts. Watch the 15 minute response for yourself above, and stay tuned as we await the full “Ice Tray” music video.