Joe Budden Everyday Struggle

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Complex Confirms Joe Budden Will No Longer Be On “Everyday Struggle”

Fans thought this sad news would only be temporary, but it isn’t. Complex’s “Everyday Struggle” will be without everyone’s favorite hip-hop attitude Joe Budden permanently.

The show has been having guest appearances to fill in for Budden while he has been taking care of his newborn child. But today, complex confirmed that he has departed from the show completely. This comes as a major shock to fans of the show. The show had a perfect balance of attitude between DJ Academiks and Joe Budden. Their views on hip-hop were almost completely different and not only did it help educate the audience on both sides of hip-hop, it made for some classic debates and arguments. It wasn’t a clean goodbye by any means either. Budden took to twitter to give his final thoughts on the show and how he was treated.

Complex has yet to announce what their plans are for the future to replace Budden. As of now, they are going to keep featuring guest stars. Stay tuned for any updates on the show.