After recently performing this new single “Devastated” at Coachella, Joey Bada$$ decides to release the track in its full quality.

The track titled “devastated” doesn’t resonate with Joey’s current mind state as he is no longer devastated. The song is about overcoming adversity, and his own battles with it as he chants “I used to feel so devastated!”

The track is produced by Adam Pallin, Kirk Knight, and Powers Pleasant, and it displays a more uptempo beat, which is unlike Joey Bada$$’s usual rapping style. However, Joey handles the beat excellent. His flow, his delivery, and the tone in his voice make us feel how he felt when he was up-and-coming. The charisma in his voice is that of a rapper who has a drive to be successful, and this track in particular paints a vivid image of where Bada$$’s career is heading in the future.

Joey performed this exceptional song in Cleveland for the first time yesterday May 28th on A$AP Ferg and Tory Lanez’s Level Up Tour. The performance showed nothing short of chaos as fans went crazy with the trippy beat and made huge mosh pits during the performance. Joey’s guest appearance on the Level Up Tour was a shocker to most and was a great addition to the concert.

Check out the new single and stay tuned for updates!

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