Stream Legends Never Die 2 from Joey Vantes.

West Coast up and comer Joey Vantes has been on his wits when it comes to a stylistic approach to music, and today he drops an 8-track EP on the way to larger numbers. He portrays an intricate message through connection, independence, and God, his closest virtues.

The young artist describes it himself: “There’s a song on Legends Never Die 2 for every situation. It’s a playlist EP for the various moods you’re in.” You can feel his moody approach as you hop from one track to the next, all giving a shine on different vibes.

We recently received the visuals to one of the highlight tracks “What It Feels Like”, which falls right in place with the cohesion of the rest of the project. Don’t take my word for it, take a deep dive on Spotify above or on your favorite stream platform below.

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joey vantes legends never die 2
Joey Vantes – Legends Never Die 2