Joyner Lucas – “Gucci Gang” (Remix) [STREAM]


Stream Joyner Lucas’s “Gucci Gang Remix” above.

The Atlantic Records artist is back, and he completely went in on Lil Pump’s infamous “Gucci Gang”. With a ton of buzz surrounding Joyner in the past few months, his explosion on the internet is more prevalent than ever.

His track “I’m Not Racist” went viral, with a heart-touching beat and straight lyricism on the track. Lucas is growing and growing through his lyricism, and he keeps that true in his newest remix. He speaks on the newer generation of rap, completely dissing Lil Pump along with other popping stars through one hits.

He even speaks on his album in the track, which may not be out for a while. He explains his label won’t let him drop an album until he has a hit, but he isn’t far from making that a reality. Stream “Gucci Gang” remix by Joyner Lucas above, and be ready for more content from Joyner in the near future.