Junya Boy is making all the right moves within the hip hop industry.

With a huge cosign under his belt from Bryson Tiller hopping on his track “He Ain’t Right”, Junya Boy is breaking out of the Dallas underground hip hop scene. He even has a power-hit “Whip Some Sick” which was featured on BET, and he’s prepping for a 2018 release for his album Time and Time Again.

I had the chance to catch up with Junya Boy, and we briefly touched on a few subjects. The rising Dallas star has a message for his growing fanbase, and is striving for a platinum album in the near future. He also speaks on the Dallas hip hop scene, and branching out as a Dallas artist. Check the full interview below, along with the stream to his hit “He Ain’t Right” featuring Bryson Tiller.

  • What separates you from other trap artists when it comes to your sound?

My lyricism and my all around delivery. I actually think about the stuff I say and that’s what separates me from other artists.

  • What is your message in your music?

My overall message is basically like, ain’t nobody can’t tell you you can’t do something. Just strive for it you know? That my overall message but every song i make is going to bring a different message.

  • What was it like working with Bryson Tiller, and whom do you wish to work with in the future?

It was great because I always wanted to work with a big artist and Bryson Tiller has really been an artist I like. In the future, really anybody, anybody that’s a big artist. If I had to pick one person I’d have to pick Kevin Gates.

  • What are your short term goals as an artist?

To me short term could be dropping my album and goin’ platinum. So I would say I’d want to go platinum short term and eventually get a Grammy.

  • What is Dallas’s hip hop scene like? Do you feel it has a certain feel/sound different from other cities?

Dallas, we got our own sound but its like, people haven’t heard of Dallas rappers because they stay in a box, you know like, they just gotta branch outside of that box and let people hear them and get on different subjects.

  • What is to come and what can we expect from Junya Boy in 2018?

You can expect a lot of great music, you know I’m going to continue to drop music, you can expect my album. And you can expect to start seeing me pop up in your city.

Stay tuned as we await Junya Boy’s upcoming 2018 album, stream his two hits “He Ain’t Right” and “Whip Some Sick”, and check more of his content below.

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