Kanye West recently showed us his track-list for his upcoming album SWISH, but now has made some changes.

Correction above, his upcoming album name is now Waves, the third time Kanye has switched his album name.  Even after the first time he showed his track-list, just one day later he makes some corrections.

The album is set to release February 11th, 2016.  This has Kanye die-hards mind boggled on Kanye’s awkward style of releasing music.  From changing his album name 3 times, to waiting to release this album, Kanye shows us his other side and names this “The greatest album of the life:

The updated track-list is as followed:

ACT 1.

Nina Chop

Father Stretch My Hands (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2)


ACT 2.

High Lights

30 Hours

No More Parties In L.A.


ACT 3.


Real Friends


Ultra Light Beam

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Stay tuned for Kanye’s release date as well as his whereabouts.