Check out Kanye West’s long awaited project “JESUS IS KING”

The day has finally arrived…”JESUS IS KING” has dropped after much anticipation across the music industry. This project is Kanye West’s 9th studio album over the years and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, announcing a Sunday Service album to drop on Christmas. [spacer height=”20px”]Over the course of the last month Kanye has made daily headlines whether it be his comments regarding the project (he encouraged those working on the album to abstain from premarital sex), rumors about the release date (was supposed to drop in September), and even whether there would be any explicit language (Nicki Minaj was originally featured, but Kanye wanted a more Gospel feel to the album). [spacer height=”20px”]Kanye tapped several artists for features on the project including Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons, Fred Hammond, Clipse, Kenny G and the Sunday Service Choir. The album follows a very religious theme as Kanye described it as “an expression of the gospel”. The fan favorite right off the bat seems to be “Follow God” as fans get a nice taste of his old sound combined with gospel vibes. [spacer height=”20px”]Overall this is a very different project from the veteran artist, and fans of his traditional sound may feel as though they’re sitting through a Sunday church service. But regardless, Kanye remains an incredible talent and this album will certainly make ripples in the industry. Stream “JESUS IS KING” above.

“JESUS IS KING” – Kanye West