Kid Cudi – Surfin’ [NEW MUSIC VIDEO]


Kid Cudi releases the Surfin’ video featuring Pharrell Williams.

Just because Kid Cudi is in rehab doesn’t mean he can’t drop new content.  Cudi just released a new music video for his single Surfin’ featuring Pharrell Williams.

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This music video features Cudi singing in what appears to be a rave.  There is a lot of flashing and colored lights in this setting.  This video also picks up where is last music video for his single Frequency left off.  You can watch that video here.  Kid Cudi recently addressed Drake on Twitter about Drake’s comments towards Cudi.  You can read that full story here.  You can catch Cudi at ComplexCon from Novemeber 5-6 this weekend.  Stay updated with Rhyme to hear the latest news on Kid Cudi.  In the meantime, watch the Surfin’ video above.