Kodak Black disses Lil Wayne, says he’s the best rapper alive.

Kodak Black is living the high life just released from jail and back on his feet. Wasting no time, Kodak reminds his fans that he is “best f**king rapper alive.”

In a anti-Lil Wayne tweet, Kodak states

“Lil Wayne Ain’t The Best f**king rapper alive… iam”

Referencing Wayne’s bold 2004 proclamation that he was the “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired.” Now 12 year later, Wayne’s relevance has died down over the years with his low output of music. Weezy’s influence still lives on being Young Thug’s main inspiration and apparently one of Kendrick Lamar’s favorite artists.

Back to Kodak’s remark toward the rapper, Twitter has blown up attacking the young emcee and disagreeing with his statement. Check out his tweet and some responses below.

Image Via Instagram