Kodak Black has been sentenced back to prison

Arrested back in December of 2017, Kodak Black has been in jail awaiting his sentenced among charges of possesion of illegal firearms and marijuana. Today, Kodak has been officially sentenced to 264 days in prison. The charges were orgianally obtained on when authorities were alerted of his Instagram story showing guns and weed around his young son.

According to the official court documents, Kodak has been hit with numerous charges incuding possesion of cannabis over 20 grams, charges of grand theft of a firearm, two charges of possession of a weapon or ammo by a Florida delinquent adult felon, child neglect without great bodily harm and two counts of parole violation. 

With already serving 90 days since January, the oppurtunity to take his GED, and good behavior, Kodak could be released as early as October this year. The sentencing charges were mostly dismissed with the gun and cannabis possesion remaining.

By Broward County Main Jail [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons