Kris Wu & Travis Scott – “Deserve” [Music Video]


Watch Kriss Wu & Travis Scott’s newest music video to “Deserve”

The big release of Kriss Wu & Travis Scott’s “Deserve,” was a big mainstream hit last week. Kriss Wu a former artist of the Chinese boy band Exo, has decided to split from the group to pursue his solo carreer in America. Taking on the complex vocals of Travis Scott, the two join togther for his first American made music video for his first big hit “Deserve.”

Shot in dark yet colorful room’s, Wu & La Flame dress in their unique style clothes and strut with a few beautiful women dancing around them. Utilizing a big moster truck as well, the two flex on the hood of the car while singing the bubbly fun track.

“Deserve,” has already hit No. 1 on the iTunes chart, scoring him the first Chinese artist to hit the charts in America, and this is only week 1 of it’s release. Making his statement in the American music industry it’s going to be intersting what he has next.