KYLE – Nothing 2 Lose [STREAM]


KYLE releases a new single titled Nothing 2 Lose.

KYLE had a pretty great year last year which completely boosted his music career.  With his hit single iSpy featuring Lil Yachty, he surely did not expect his career to take off that fast. KYLE just dropped a new single called Nothing 2 Lose on his YouTube Channel a couple hours ago.

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Kyle could have possibly just released another top chart song.  This song is very, very catchy and if it gets enough publicity, it could take off.  Kyle premiered this song on Beats 1 Radio not too long ago.  In the interview, Kyle said, “I feel like the fact that iSpy was almost a mistake hit definitely helps me with feeling like it’s not about making sure every song becomes as big as iSpy.”  He believes any of his songs could become a top charting track if they get the right attention.  Stream his new song Nothing 2 Lose above.