LB Spiffy – “Not Lyin” [RHYME RISERS]


Toronto’s LB Spiffy is the Drake cosign you need to peep while he’s fresh.

18-year-old and Scarborough native LB Spiffy is making waves up North, and he’s already caught the likes of Drizzy and Kylie Jenner before he even has the chance to narrow his style. With his newest release of “Not Lyin”, which has already amassed nearly 150k views on YouTube, Spiffy is about to break to the mainstream.

LB got his start from NBA 2k YouTube videos, where a ton of big names on the platform were putting his music in rotation (Vice). That brought a ton of exposure, and now his solo career is taking off on all aspects. Spiffy’s unbreakable sound with some of the most brilliant flows we’ve seen from a young artist is sure to bring his career to its heights. We can expect some big things from his camp in the next few months, so be on the lookout. For now, we’ve got a hit to decipher, as well as an accommodating vlog that features his recent video shoot and performances, which you can check below. Be on the lookout for our newest Rhyme Riser, LB Spiffy.