Stream GTPS Anthem by Lex One above.

Lex One decides to drop a super posse cut, tapping Lyve Kaos, Pr$fit, Mega, Mike Beatz & Lazee for a jaw dropping, MC styled track. The Miami artist keeps his sanity whilst maintaining a superb but fast flow.

Each artist brings something new to offer, and the delivery is perfected under the production by Chèvere. The vocals stay sane as well, with a ton of talented artists spitting over a chemistry-perfected track.

Lex One is an artist everyone should have under their radar, along with each artist on the cut. Posse cuts seem to be declining in popularity, but Lex is bringing the style back. Stream GTPS Anthem above by Lex One, Lyve Kaos, Pr$fit, Mega, Mike Beatz & Lazee.

gtps anthem
Lex One – GTPS Anthem


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