Lil Dicky fights with Brain, in his newest single “Could I B Jesus”

Brain, a concept alter ego, created from the hilarious Professional Rapper Lil Dicky has now made a name for “himself.” After appearing on Lil Dicky’s “Pillow Talk,” Brain, now with his own SoundCloud page, has released another joint track with Dicky titled “Could I B Jesus.”

The track is all about the funny commical humor behind Dicky, as the two go back and fourth rapping on their qualities that make them Jesus. Dicky continues his bars though delivering some pretty hard lyrics throughout the song.

This song is in prep for the upcoming Brain EP coming soon. Many support this project keeping Dicky’s creativeness alive and well. Make sure to check out the track above.

Could I B Jesus
Lil Dicky & Brain – Could I B Jesus