Lil Pump Arrested In LA


REPORT: Lil Pump Arrested For Shooting Gun in His Home (Feb. 15th, 2018) – Read The Full Story Here.

Lil Pump was recently arrested in LA.

From nobody to somebody, the 17 year old rapper was recently arrested in the celebrity populated city of Los Angeles. A video recently surfaced of the arrest, which WMG has been striving to take down from all sites.

Luckily, we found a fresh stream of the video. It is unclear what the arrest was for, but users on Reddit were speculating it was for drugs. It would be awfully sad to see another famed artist caught up in another case.

Lil Pump recently dropped his debut project Lil Pump Tape, which has been exploding online ever since the release. Stay tuned as we get more details on his arrest, and watch the video of his arrest below.