Lil Pump arrested after intruders try to break into his home.

Pump was arrested Wednesday night after he reportedly shot a gun in his home when intruders tried to break in, according to TMZ. The reason he shot the gun is still a dispute, but the report says that 3 men tried to break into his San Fernando Valley home.

Police then arrived, where they found a bullet hole through his front door but no suspects on the scene. Lil Pump claimed that the intruders shot the bullet from the outside, but didn’t match up to the trajectory of the bullet hole, which could have only been shot from inside his home.

The Feds also found Marijuana in the apartment, which may cause trouble to his mother who wasn’t present at the time. Pump’s home is supposedly armed with security cameras, so they will be able to pull more information from the cams. Lil Pump’s team says that there was, indeed, 3 men trying to break in and the 17 year old rapper shot out of fear and possibly hit one of the suspects. He’s currently being held in juvenile detention, so stay tuned as we get more information on the situation.

Featured Image Via Instagram