Lil Pump goes off on the individuals who demolished the XXXTENTACION memorial.

The past month has been quite hard for many after receiving news that someone shot and killed XXXTentacion in Florida. This time has served as a mourning period for fans and family, and it was only right that X had a true memorial to his name.

That’s always when the juveniles come along and have to interfere with saddened people who are doing their best to cope. The sheer disrespect from these individuals really isn’t something to be addressed, as the guys who did this are desperately searching for attention. But, Lil Pump had some real harsh words for the people who decided to deteriorate the memorial.

Lil Pump took to Instagram live, stating “I want everybody to know, if you know that n*gga @ name, Instagram name, all that shit, send that sh*t to me, cause when I see your ass, I’m gonna slap the f**k out of you you f**kin’ f***ot ass jit.” The 17 year old is clearly fed up with their actions, and he’s truly got every right to be. Check out the screen capture from his IG story below, more on this as we get another Lil Pump response.

Featured Image via Instagram