Check out Lil Uzi’s long awaited single Futsal Shuffle 2020.

After much anticipation regarding the song, Lil Uzi Vert has finally dropped Futsal Shuffle 2020. Uzi tweeted a video in early December shuffling to a snippet of the song and created a Triller/Tik Tok dance craze around it. The snippet was generating tons of publicity over the last few weeks and is confirmed the first single off Eternal Atake.

With only three official releases all year (That’s A Rack, Sanguine Paradise, Futsal Shuffle 2020), Lil Uzi still remains dominant as ever with his genius social media marketing tactics. There has been much controversy around Eternal Atake, with nearly all the songs leaking over a year ago, causing much delay to its release. We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and can assume Uzi will have a monster year in 2020, hopefully dropping EA by the end of January.

Futsal Shuffle 2020 is a very high paced, energetic track with unique uzi melodies mixed throughout. This is a guaranteed club banger that will surely generate a boat load of streams. Uzi may not release often, but when he does he doesn’t miss. Enjoy the Futsal Shuffle for now and stay tuned for Eternal Atake. Stream below.