That’s odd, Lil Wayne‘s bus driver is suing Birdman, Cash Money Records, Young Thug, Young Money, and Peewee Roscoe for damages.

During an April 2015 shooting on Lil Wayne’s tour bus, Peewee Roscoe unloaded on Tunechi’s tour home. This caused serious damage, however, that cased already wrapped up. Peewee Roscoe, a.k.a. Jimmy Winfrey, was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Now the bus driver, Alvin Lewis, is suing all of these artists after the case closed. Reason being? Lewis has been experiencing anguish, discomfort, and pain ever since the incident.

Lewis is suing them for placing him “in immediate fear of death and severe bodily harm by attacking and attempting to kill him without any just provocation or cause.” The artists are being sued as Lewis believes they did not attempt to provoke Winfrey from open firing. Stay tuned with us to see just how the court case plays out.

Featured Image Via Instagram