Lil Xan Breaks Down The Pros And Cons Of Fame With Fuse


Lil Xan details his road to success while speaking with Smoothini, star of Fuse’s new series Hip Hop Houdini.

Lil Xan landed a spot on the roster this year for the Firefly Festival in Delaware, and Fuse TV’s Smoothini caught up with him backstage to pull a few magic tricks. Xan also reveals his tribulations and reliefs being a major name in the industry.

With wealth comes pros and cons, which Lil Xan perfectly portrays to his fans. Lil Xan details his road to success, coming clean on the harshness of his personal life whilst staying humble.

He reveals that his freedom is lost in terms of being a normal civilian, having to constantly walk with security, but contradicts when he tells on his blessings. Watch the official Fuse TV Hip Hop Houdini episode with Lil Xan above, and be on the lookout for more material coming from the young rapper.

Viewers can check out more of Smoothini’s tricks in Fuse’s new series, Hip Hop Houdini which premieres tonight July 17th at 10pm ET/PT. Additionally, viewers can watch this official interview and more on Fuse’s Youtube Channel.