Lil Xan Waka Flocka

The drama continues for Lil Xan & Waka Flocka

Lil Xan have been one of the many young rappers to recently gain a ton of media attention in the past year. Along with som huge success, Xan has faced tons of backlash for his rapper alias, for many mistaken his name for endorsing the use of Xanax. In a past interview with Revolt, Xan told the media he found Tupac’s music boring and un-interesting triggering many rap fans including Waka Flocka. Waka then took to Twitter to “ban” Xan from hip-hop.

Responding to the backlash, Xan told his fans and haters on his Instagram story that he is here to stay quoting “PSA: Lil Xan’s not going anywhere. Sorry. You gotta look at this ugly face for a lot longer, guys.” Waka is known for coming at many of the “new age” rapper’s including his recent attacks at Lil Pump & Smokepurpp so this news is no surprise coming from the veteran spitter.

Image Via Instagram